I practiced law from 1974 to 1996 in Austin, Texas.
I began as a solo practitioner taking criminal court appointments.  This mostly consisted of making guilty pleas.  However, within one year I was trying a jury trial, which was also my first trial of any kind, and secured a mistrial for prosecutorial misconduct.  In consequence, the District Attorney decided to forego another trial, reduced the charge, and released my client on probation.  (He was being tried as a statutory "habitual offender" which mandated a sentence of life in prison.)
On the recommendation of a District Court judge (highest trial court, equivalent to a Circuit Court) I was brought into a firm with a strong family law practice, and I did a large number of divorce cases and two custody cases.  When the position of general civil practice with emphasis on civil trial became available in the firm I made the change.  I felt very fortunate; I was  suddenly doing what I had wanted, fully enjoying the great variety, and in charge of my own cases.  Some of the categories of matters where I acquired expertise over the years are the following:
Matters of UCC chapters 1, 2, 4, and 9 chiefly, including litigation; construction contracting and litigation repecting contract rights, construction faults and failures (e.g. a nearly completed high school had to be razed); contract disputes both commercial and private and including debtor/creditor; contract negotiation and drafting both simple and complex (e.g a product engineering development contract, conveyance of a modular home-building business); partnership agreements, and disputes including dissolution; real estate conveyancing and litigation of real property rights; eminent domain; fraud generally; landlord-tenant disputes; patent licensing of mechanical inventions; patent infringement litigation; intellectual property protection/non-disclosure agreements; probate disputes including litigation.
I have handled approximately six cases on appeal, most in the state court, but once to the Fifth Circuit.

  • For five years I was managing partner of my law firm of approximately ten attorneys.
  • For several years I acted as president and general counsel for a small corporation formed to commercialize mechanical inventions, taking part in its negotiations with major corporations (e.g. Ford, Deere and Co.)
  • Juris Doctor, University of Texas School of Law, Austin, Texas
  • Graduate, American Academy of Attorney-Mediators, Dallas, Texas (40 hours)
  • Completed, Mediation Training for Civil Cases, UMKC (March 2015) (23 hours)
  • Graduate, St. John's University, Collegeville, Minnesota, B.A.
  • Graduate, Rockhurst High School, Kansas City, Missouri
I am a member of the Missouri bar.
I am a registered mediator under Missouri Supreme Court Rule 17.
I am a member of the Association of Missouri Mediators. 
I was fortunate to retire early, and at that point moved back to the Kansas City area.
But I had started mediation in Austin, and I found it very rewarding.  Now I would prefer to leave retirement and become again active.  For me, mediation is the ideal direction to take.