After consulting with all sides the mediation will be scheduled.   I will confirm the place and time by email.
Cancellations.  Please provide notice if for any reason you must cancel.  Notice of at least one week is appreciated.
Before the Meeting.   I welcome the opportunity to review mediation briefs or summaries and any other materials, such as pleadings, that you think would acquaint me with the important isssues of fact and law.  It is helpful to learn about prior settlement efforts and their outcome.  Please email or postal mail me with these materials at the addresses in Contact Me.  I will treat all that I receive as confidential settlement communications.
The Mediation Meeting.  You will receive by email the full Mediation Agreement.  Please read it and discuss it fully between client and counsel.  You will be asked to sign a hard copy before the actual meeting proceeds.
In general, I prefer joint sessions, to exploit the full potential of the mediation process.  However, separate meetings, or caucuses, are often called for, and in some mediations may be, or become, the norm.
I also prefer the client or the client's representative to take an active role in the discussions, again, to make use of the full potential of the mediation process.  However, in some kinds of disputes it is preferable that counsel take the lead; construction disputes are a good example.  Whatever the matter under dispute, I defer to the wishes of counsel in this regard.  

Please send me and all other parties the names of those you wish to bring to the meeting.  Someone with very broad settlement authority must  attend.  In some cases, this person with broad authority must also have immediate access to the final authority on their side.
Please notify me where it is that you have agreed among yourselves will be the place for the mediation.   There must be one room adequate in size for all participants and at least one other room, each adequately private.  Also, there should be notepads and pencils, and a flipchart, whiteboard, or the like.  I will of necessity make notes on a notepad or the flipchart; these will be destroyed at the conclusion of the mediation.

Mediation Fees
I charge $250.00 per hour for the preparation and conduct of the mediation, and any required follow-up.